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  • eXo Platform

  • Enterprise Social Network

  • San Francisco, USA

eXo Platform helps companies connect their employees, customers and developers through social, collaborative and content-driven intranets, websites and dashboards.  eXo Platform offers a set of user experience services, available as downloadable software or in the cloud, for building and deploying transactional websites, managing web and social content and creating gadgets and dashboards for deployment on-premise, to mobile devices, or in cloud computing environments.

Bunchamedia has been working closely with eXo Platform by providing a variety of Search Engine Optimization services.  The objective of this project is to improve the ranking of long-tail keywords while also improving the number of visits on targeted websites and landing pages.  Bunchamedia has also been acting as consultants by advising eXo Platform of different marketing and technical approaches in order to improve their web visibility.


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